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How recruitment will change post COVID-19

There was focus on improving the information provided to candidates, broadening the advertising through more job sites, as well as shortening the recruitment process to nab those potential candidates quickly.

Post COVID-19 has seen the severest and quickest change to the job market for decades. Many

businesses have been directly and indirectly affected with massive losses in customers and the

resulting flow on effects. Businesses have closed, laid off staff and sent many employees on leave.

Slowly we are seeing businesses coming back to life. But not all will survive. Many new businesses will come alive, and many businesses have or will pivot to adapt to the new world post COVID-19. The way businesses seek, find, court and interact with potential new employees must also change.

For now, the days of lining up multiple face to face meetings with different interest groups, or

catching up for coffees to asses cultural fit are gone. We won’t have the luxury of personal

interactions, group interviews, or recruitment processes that may require many stages. Now more than ever we have to find innovative and creative ways of capturing more information without the opportunity to meet in person.

The more information and the better ‘feel’ we can get for our potential successful recruit before we narrow down the field the better. So right now, post COVID-19 and with the need to be transparent and inclusive coming to the fore around the globe there are new and innovative ways that candidates can provide employers with a clear insight into who they are. Images, videos and elevator pitches can do this. Resupix has created an app that helps provide a professional and innovative way to communicate this information in a non-threatening way for both the candidate and the employer. Using images and captions to create a profile to present skills, interests, goals, and achievements is a powerful way to separate candidates. It can work in conjunction with a resume for those who still require the traditional modes of information transfer. But let's face it, resumes can be impersonal, robotic, manufactured and exaggerated. Images and videos are authentic.

The new world of sharing who you are to snare the new job in the post COVID-19 world is here in

RESUPIX. Try it out.

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