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How to make your Video Intro memorable

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It might seem daunting, but more and more employers are looking for video intro's or elevator pitches to differentiate between candidates. The term elevator pitch comes from being able to persuade the person you run into in the elevator that they should follow you up before they get out of the elevator!

So what should you include in yours to make it memorable? It should showcase your authenticity and best one or two attributes.

Step 1: Write out what you want to say that you can say in 15 seconds.

Start with your name. Next you want to tell the viewer what you are looking for. If you are recording a video intro to help you get a job, then what sort of job, what type of industry. It's what you are looking for right now, not in 3 years time. Remember, the more specific you are the more you limit your opportunities. Are you looking for a job to fit in with your lifestyle, to develop a particular skill, or to get experience in a team, or leading a team? For example, if you are after a casual job that provides you some cash and that will fit around your study, then you might say, "I'm looking for a casual job that I can fit around my uni, and I'm available up to 30 hours a week on a Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday." Or, if you are looking for something more specific, you might say, "As a recent marketing graduate, I'm looking for an entry level job that will give me exposure to marketing in any capacity and I can put what I've learned into practice."

What is your strongest quality that an employer would love to have in their business? Is it your tenacity to follow a sales lead, your work ethic, your creativity, your preparedness to do any job, of your personality. This is what makes you who you are. And it is what you need to tell your potential employer.

What you say should take around 15 seconds. Remember that most applications only get viewed by a recruiter for between 5 and 7 seconds, so you need to keep it short and punchy. And remember to smile. You would smile when you met someone for the first time, so smile when you start and finish your video intro.

Step 2: Practice, practice, practice in front of the mirror.

Step 3: Plan when and where you will record your elevator pitch. What will you wear, be sure to look presentable, think about your body language, where is the light coming from? You want the light to be facing you, not behind you, ie. Don't record yourself in front of a window, rather face the window. Natural light is best. Only your head and shoulders should be the focus, because if you can see your shoes, it's difficult to see your face. Do you need someone to hold the phone for you? It must be still, no wobbles as that will put an employer off. Attention to detail is important here.

Step 4: Record and re-record until you are reasonably happy. Edit if you need to. Have a trusted friend or family member review it. Modify and record again if necessary.

Step 5: Upload your video intro into your Resupix. Good luck. You will now stand out from the crowd.

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