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Solving discrimination in recruitment

Social media is part of the recruitment process. Here's how to use it to your advantage.

For a long time now recruiters have been telling applicants NOT to include a photo on their resume. Why? 

And why it's no longer appropriate.

Primarily people responsible for shortlisting candidates in a selection process don't want to appear to be discriminating based on one image. 

Additionally, they don't want to be influenced by the image, preferring to focus on the written word.

There are now many problems with this logic, and Resupix is an excellent solution to overcome this outdated thinking.

Firstly, even though they may not admit it, most recruiters and hiring managers will review a candidate's social profile at some point in the recruitment process. Doing so is a way to either confirm or question their decision making thus far. Of course, the professional in all of us know that your social media account is for personal, rather than for professional means. Still, each time you post you subconsciously check its appropriateness. So rather than leaving your Facebook posts open for interpretation, why not get ahead of this step. Include some relevant images in your application. A Resupix profile is like a professional version of your social media, handed to the recruiter on a platter! Images in this format are not only professional but relevant in today's environment where social media is in our everyday lives. Back when recruiters first demonised images on resumes was well before the first Facebook like was felt.

If someone is going to discriminate based on race, gender, religion, and so on, they are going to do it no matter what stage it is in the recruitment process. Eventually, these negative and unjustified biases will raise their nasty heads. Avoiding the use of images in applications only delays the potential for such discrimination. By including images and captions in a Resupix profile, you can help overcome potential bias by showcasing all your talents, skills, experience, interests and so on, which provides the recruiter with depth about who you are and what you are about. Your elevator pitch or video intro in your Resupix profile will also help to bring your story to life, engaging the recruiter and developing that connection before you even meet in person. Discrimination has always been driven by fear. Rather than hoping it doesn't happen, get ahead of the curve and bring your story and experience to life with a Resupix profile.

Images will not distract from your skills and experience, and they will enhance them and bring them to life. 

Cultural fit or the business personality, should match with yours and is mostly determined based on attributes that are not easily articulated on a resume. A company will assess candidates for the beliefs and behaviour systems they believe are compatible.

If working independently is critical to your job applications, how do you bring this to life in words? But in images, you can.


Rather than crossing your fingers, and hoping that the company's system picks your resume over others, get ahead of the curve and create a visual profile on Resupix. You won't go unnoticed.

Resupix is a new app that will transform the process of recruitment in today's post-COVID-19 world where both recruiters and applicants need ways to stand out from the crowd and not rely on the 'status quo'. The future is here.

Download Resupix App here

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