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Valuable Resources for Schools

Resupix has been working with schools to help students prepare for the workforce.  We have developed two module tutorials that guide teachers and students through the process of constructing a positive social footprint and using it to gain employment.  Module One helps teachers and students to understand the importance of a constructive social footprint and how to create one.  There is so much information today for youth around what NOT to put on the internet but now we help them to understand how to use a constructive social footprint to their advantage.   Did you know that most employers will review your social footprint before they employ you?  So get ahead of the game by creating a constructive social footprint that you can then include in your employment application.   Module Two focuses on navigating the recruitment process and setting people up well for the employment market, including interview tips and tricks.  


Modules have been developed with teacher learning notes and are available free to schools.   Simply email to request copies of the modules.  You will need to make the request from a recognised school email address.


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