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Start Developing your Careers Advisors content for your Students

How we can help your students achieve employment

Mobile Application

With our mobile application, you can ensure that students have their digital resumes uploaded and seen by employers around them!

Students Abilities

Through Resupix students are able to show not only their aptitudes to employers but who they are through photos that are important to them as individuals

Free to download

With our app being free it allows us to be accessible by all who wish to achieve employment with our assistance.

School Visits

Resupix is dedicated to visiting schools and showcasing how we can give them the best opportunity possible for employment in the workforce

Visual Resumes

The visual resumes allow students with your assistance to show students what are acceptable images you think would represent them. It also allows students to express who they are through us.

Ongoing support

We know how much it takes to raise children and are committed to ensuring the ability of students to be employed through our app

How to access and edit the forum

Why you?
As careers advisors, we want you to help us with the spreading of knowlege about our app. If you select "Forum" you will be able to see a screen where posts can be added

To gain access to write under the forum

Please reach out through the chat to us and we will be able to provide you with a "Careers Advisor" recognition badge, thus enabling you to see the "Member Database" for the website and create forum posts where students can then view your work.


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